NSW farmers worried about 457 visa changes

The Federal government’s sudden cancellation of the skilled 457 Visa foreign worker program this week has spread uncertainty and concern among the dairy industry nationally, according to NSW lobby body, Dairy Connect.

John McQueen

Australian Dairy Farmers is seeking assurances that there will not be any changes to the Dairy Industry Labour Agreement, under the new visa arrangements announced yesterday. Interim ADF CEO, John McQueen said access to skilled workers was essential to the continued growth and productivity of the dairy industry, yet there…

We need to talk about cheese

There’s always a lot of local media coverage about the price of milk and how it’s hurting farmers. When global dairy trade is discussed it’s all about whole and skim milk powder.

Beef cows with electronic collars within a virtual (and not-so virtual) fence. Image: CSIRO

Virtual fencing for cattle is set to hit the commercial market later this year, following a successful $2 million fundraising round by Melbourne-based agri-tech company Agersens.

Photo: Paul Weir

Dairy farmers across New South Wales and Queensland are counting the cost of some of the worst floods on record and industry bodies want to make sure they’re not forgotten in relief efforts.

Graeme Cowan

A new video produced in south-west Victoria aims to help farmers and their families facing mental health problems. The Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre (WRAD), in conjunction with South West TAFE, has created the video to support farmers and their families who have mental health problems such as depression…

John Spark

Murray Goulburn has appointed a non-supplier in John Spark as Chairman of the co-op, less than a month after flagging the idea in its half-year financial report.

The US will almost certainly produce more milk again this year

Those with an ear to global dairy markets have noticed an unwelcome change in the last few weeks, as the bullish sentiment that propelled commodity prices significantly higher in late 2016 begins to fray.

Food Babe, aka Vani Hari

The 2016 US presidential election and Brexit vote brought a serious reality into our lounge rooms and onto our computer screens:  the plague of fake news swaying society in a post-truth world.    

Karrinjeet Singh-Mahil

Dairy farmers pushed for changes to risk allocation, pricing structures and timing at Australian Competition and Consumer Commission forums around the country.

Kaila Colbin

WILL future dairy farmers wear gumboots or lab coats? Is food production set to be more about engineering and chemistry and less about agronomy and animal husbandry?

South Australia the canary in the coal mine

WITH blackouts across South Australia’s electricity system both this year and last, it could be said the state is the canary in the coal mine when it comes to the challenges of Australia’s energy system.

Daryl Hoey

WATER prices are already a big issue for many in the dairy industry, but cost hikes in gas and electricity prices are set to cause more input cost headache for processors and farmers alike.

Herd size rises in China

DESPITE THEIR large herd sizes China is still a long way from becoming self-sufficient in dairy and it is highly unlikely it ever will, says Matthew Smith, Alltech’s vice-president Asia Pacific.

In the wider international market, the balance between supply and demand pressures is keeping commodity prices stable in the short term.

The balance in global dairy supply and demand has improved markedly in recent months, while closer to home farmers are seeing some improvement in drivers of farm profitability, according to Dairy Australia’s February 2017 Situation and Outlook report released today.

New forage index adds value

DAIRY farmers can now make more informed, profitable decisions when choosing the best perennial ryegrass for their farming system and forage needs, following the launch of the Australian Forage Value Index (FVI).

The ACCC inquiry, launched by the Federal Government, and a Senate inquiry, led by Jacqui Lambie, are running simultaneously and industry submissions to both are similar

A BETTER deal for farmers in contracts, abolition of  retrospective “clawback” payments and the impacts of $1L milk were just some of the many topics canvassed in submissions to the two whole-of-sector dairy inquiries currently underway.

US President Donald Trump

The flurry of orders from the desk of Donald Trump as US President while unexpected of an elected world leader, should have come as no surprise: Trump is doing what he promised with the blunt force and lack of consultation that he threatened.

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When butter and chocolate collide

TWO New Zealand companies Lewis Road Creamery and Whittakers have teamed up to deliver what must be every dairy lover’s dream: chocolate butter.

Milking it - Ice cream for dogs

EFFORTS to extend the market for dairy know no bounds, with an American company The Bear and The Rat, creating a yoghurt-based ice cream for dogs.