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Korean brand catches a wandering eye…

Written by  GRUNT by John Droppert
 If QualiTYMatters  you choose a TYM tractor apparently. If QualiTYMatters you choose a TYM tractor apparently.

FARM WORLD 2016 seems a distant memory now; a time of relative affluence in the dairy industry, despite being a tough enough season already by then.

It’s always been a dream of mine to travel to field days on business, and on those occasions when my day job doesn’t make that possible, I look to this column to turn idle window shopping into serious work.

Unfortunately, my budget for this year’s campaign extended about as far as buying lunch, so the ability to pursue a personal quest was somewhat dampened.

Fortunately, where business cases leave off, daydreams are usually there to take up the slack.

In my case, the recurring question of how to replace the venerable Deutz (should such an unimaginable eventuality ever come to pass).

Of course, it’d probably be by purchasing something similar, ie second hand.

But field days don’t go for second hand gear in a big way, so for the purposes of entertainment, new is the only way to go.

Leaving aside the questions of whether they ‘make them like that anymore’, or a horsepower-for-money ratio, there are a plethora of choices for the lifestyle farmer looking at a 50-100hp tractor, on a nominal budget.

This segment also caters to the commercial farmers looking for a more basic ‘second tractor’ to perform simpler tasks (or keep the nice gear clean for the boss to drive).

One brand that has caught my eye more than once in my travels is TYM.

Korean Tong Yang Moolsan are a company that goes way back (to the 1950s).

They are, however, largely unknown in Australia, and are most likely lumped by most prospective buyers into the ‘non-Western European, Japanese (nowadays) or North American’ category.

Whether they deserve this, I don’t know; in fact that only feeds my curiosity.

Turns out, TYM manufacture a lot of tractors for other brands (including many of the larger Mahindra models), and according to some old guy on the internet, their design lineage traces back to Iseki.

Apart from a stoush with their now-former Australian distributor and the appointment of a new one (Inlon), there isn’t much to find online in terms of a local perspective.

Digging a bit deeper, the brand appears to be establishing itself slowly in parts of North America (depending on the competence and motivation of the local dealers), and most owners seem pretty happy.

The machines are cheaper than mainline brands, but not the ‘cheap and nasty’ product that can often be recognised by the worst paint jobs on display at Farm World.

Am I still curious? You bet. And I’d love to hear from anyone who’s got a TYM. Can I afford one? Umm…

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