Herd recording made easier

DataGene – the dairy industry’s new organisation to drive herd improvement – is releasing two new tools to make it easier for farmers to use herd records for management decisions.

90% of the soiled sand is recycled using the separator system.

WHEN Fredrick Oesch founded SwissLane Dairy in Alto, Michigan in USA on 36ha in 1915, his family farm was “out in the country,” and the concept of being a good community neighbor was one that was often taken for granted.

Cutting costs in the dairy can increase your risk of a milk quality or mastitis “accident”, costing you more in the long run.

RECENTLY, I dropped one of the family cars into the service centre in the morning for what I expected to be a normal routine service.  

Jenny McCarthy with promising young heifer Ascot Park Valentinos Beauty 3rd

THE foundations of a sustainable dairy enterprise for Darling Downs, Queensland,  farmers Steve and Jenny McCarthy have been built on more than 70 years of improved Jersey genetics.

Pat and Louise Neal

At a time when Australia’s dairy industry has been under unprecedented pressure, dairy farmers of the New South Wales Mid Coast have rallied with Hunter Local Land Services (Hunter LLS) to initiate the innovative Mid-Coast Adaptable Dairy Farming Systems Project.  

Greg Ault’s herd ranks among the top in Australia for genetic merit but he doesn’t use the most expensive bulls on the market.

GREG Ault’s Holstein herd ranks in Australia’s top 10% but he doesn’t use the most expensive bulls on the market. His experience proves that you don’t have to pay top dollar to breed a top herd.

Sun slashes dairy bills

WHEN the sun shines on Katandra West – and it often does – Gayle and Laurie Clark kick their machinery into gear. 

Pasture guides to help spring planning

 SPRING grazing management and silage are currently top of mind for dairy farmers and Dairy Australia has released two new resources to help in the decision-making process.

DNA testing of dairy animals is becoming increasingly popular. One of the many uses is to confirm parentage. (Photo courtesy Holstein Australia)

THE number of dairy animals DNA tested – or genotyped – in Australia has escalated in the four years since commercial services became available with improvements in reliability, lower costs and greater understanding of the ways results can be used to improve genetic gain.

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When butter and chocolate collide

TWO New Zealand companies Lewis Road Creamery and Whittakers have teamed up to deliver what must be every dairy lover’s dream: chocolate butter.

Milking it - Ice cream for dogs

EFFORTS to extend the market for dairy know no bounds, with an American company The Bear and The Rat, creating a yoghurt-based ice cream for dogs.