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Situation & Outlook: World moves slowly

Dairy Australia’s latest Situation and Outlook report will be released tomorrow, during what’s shaping up as a period of recovery for the Australian dairy industry amidst a noisy corporate and policy environment.

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Monday, 25 September 2017 10:44

Changing factories a management tool

Echuca dairy farmer Steve Hawken is confident about the current season, saying farmers have a strong hand in negotiations with processors.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 12:04

Hands-on approach to top quality milk

Russell and Mary Hussey like to be hands-on when it comes to protecting the health of their herd and ensuring they produce top quality milk.

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Australian dairy industry advocacy group Dairy Connect has called for a truth in labelling ‘crackdown’ on processed plant liquids sold to retail consumers as ‘milks’.

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THE a2 Milk Company will increase the volume of milk bought from its existing farms and look to expand its suppliers across the country in response to growth and an expanded product range.
The company launches a new ice cream range this month, manufactured by Peters in Melbourne, to accompany its range of milk, cream and yoghurt products. By MADELEINE BRENNAN

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The dairy industry is celebrating the success of top performing dairy farmers producing high quality milk while boosting their on-farm profitability.

The Australian Milk Quality Awards recognises farms that have the achieved the best milk quality in Australia based on annual average bulk milk cell count (BMCC) across Australia's milk processing companies.

Dairy Australia Program Development Manager, Erika Oakes, said the on-farm management of milk quality is key to ensuring the competitiveness of Australian dairy in the marketplace.

"Every year the Australian Milk Quality Awards celebrates the great job being done by dairy farmers up and down the country to keep milk quality at a consistently high standard," Ms Oakes said.

"A low cell count is an indicator that mastitis is well controlled in the herd, improving milk production, cow health and welfare. Farmers achieving a low cell count are also financially rewarded with a premium for their milk and significant cost savings on mastitis treatments and labour.

"For example, analysis shows that a farmer milking 300 cows who lowers their BMCC from 300,000 to 200,000 stands to save $35,700 per year."

The annual awards are based on BMCC data supplied by dairy companies. Monthly averages are then used to calculate the annual average BMCC for each farm - the winners are the 5% of farms with the lowest BMCC results. Each company then sends out the winners' plaques directly to their suppliers.

Ms Oakes said one way for farmers to improve their milk quality results was to get involved in Dairy Australia's Countdown 2020 program.

"Countdown 2020 is the dairy industry's flagship program to help farmers and their advisors achieve profitable mastitis control and improve their bottom line by reducing new mastitis infections and lowering bulk milk cell counts in their herds.

"Countdown has lots of information and strategies to reduce mastitis which improves cow comfort and welfare and saves farmers time at milking and considerable money in terms of lost milk production and animal treatments," Ms. Oakes said.

See below to view the full list of winners in each region.

Congratulations to the Top 100 suppliers across the nation with the lowest aggregate BMCC

Algie D & J
Armstrong Dale & Armstrong Colin
Caldermeade Pastoral Company
Edelmaier P & HA
Grant JJ
Harvey Jim & Heather
Heywood GA
Joiner N & V
McKenzie LH & LA and McKenzie MT
Morgan JJ & M.A.C. P/L No. 2
Murdica R & WJ
Parker Janice M
Reiter AP & Willmott LM
Smith NJ & VM
Wilfour Farms and O'Brien M & S
Zuidema AM & DJ

New South Wales
Beaumont KM J & PA
Darley A & DM
Kennaugh IJ
Neals Dairy Pty Ltd
NSW Trade & Investment –
Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute
John & Leanne
Warner Donald
Northern Victoria
Aisbett RB & NJ
Bradley A & J
Cameron SB & JK
Campbell DJ & CM and Campbell AM & Coysh CL
Christopher SJ & AK
Cook RJ & JP Pty Ltd, SL & BB Cook,
Country Road Holsteins Pty Ltd
Hansen FA, PA & SE
Hibberson Andrew and Vanessa
Lenree Pty Ltd
McLean R & R No. 1
Minogue KF & VG Pty Ltd
Star ML Pty Ltd
The University Of Melbourne
Williams IR & DP

South Australia
Golding DW & LE & Sons
Herrmann & Co RP
Lowke RM

Fenton RA PA & DR
Hagley Farm Primary School
Mellactive Pty Ltd & Schuuring LR & KA
Gleeson A & M
Pump GJ
Willie TA & Son
Wilson SRJ & WA (2)
Western Australia
Brett Terry, Kaye and Matt
Fitzpatrick Luke and Vicki
Glenwood Estate (R & E Moody)
Harrison Harold, Joan and Bevan
Italiano J & C F/T
Walsall Dairy (Letchford)

Western Victoria
Alnor Partners (2)
Alta Vista Enterprises P/L
Ayres PV & JJ & Kippers Family Trust
Ballangeich Run Pty Ltd
Beasley T & CJ
Clarke FR & EM (1) (Brendan McKenna)
Clarke FR & EM (Danny & Bronwyn)
Croft G & M
Crole Family Trust WJ & VL and
Crole Family Trust AR & AD
Curran VL & Kent NG
Darcy AF & Darcy M
Duro CA & AL
Fleming JF & MB & Sons
Foote TR & KM
Gardiner M & L
Gibbins MT & RH
Guye A & M
H & S Dairies Pty Ltd (5)
Hallyburton DG & RS
Hickey PJ & MN
Hili F & M
Hines S.J & B.J
Howard Partners
Howlett VW & JS
Hussey RJ & M
Kenna JD & AJ and Kenna J & L
Lenehan L & Y
Macdeb Enterprises Pty Ltd No. 2, R O'Keeffe
Mahony M & J
Martin EJ & JM
McNamara GA & J
McSween T & A
Morey RG & TA
O'Keeffe PG & CJ
Parish TS & MB
Pearce J & G
Raper PN & CF
Rhode IR & JA
Robertson AM & TJ
Ross MP
Seabrook Holdings (VIC)
Smart CW & AM
Taylor KM & MJ
Taylor TA
Vogel H & S
Walder RG & CA

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After an uninspiring 10 months, the start of 2015 has understandably created a great deal more optimism on the sellers’ side of global dairy markets, writes John Droppert.

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Irish dairy farmers produced a record 5.6 billion litres of milk last year, 4.2% more than the previous year. Weather, milk price and a larger dairy herd were the main drivers of output growth in the calendar year.

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Purchased feed costs are a major influence on farmgate margins across many dairy exporting regions, and are therefore one of the key drivers for global dairy supply, write John Droppert and Amy Bellhouse.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014 11:21

Is a 15 billion litre target realistic?

With constant media attention of booming prospects for dairy and an apparent tidal wave of investment about to swallow our industry things have never looked better, right?

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When butter and chocolate collide

TWO New Zealand companies Lewis Road Creamery and Whittakers have teamed up to deliver what must be every dairy lover’s dream: chocolate butter.

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