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It’s now or never

EDITORIAL: IF the processing sector is serious about re-establishing trust with its farmer suppliers, it will join discussions with Australian Dairy Farmers with an open mind.


Opinion: Falling milk output will bite

AUSTRALIA’S milk production is set to fall significantly in the 2016/17 season due to the damage caused to farm cashflows and industry confidence after the late cuts to milk prices in April this year.

Dollar weighs on export index

THE Australian dairy export index declined slightly this week following three consecutive rises but only because of a stronger Australian dollar.

Export index loses ground

The Australian dairy export index lost ground this week with weaker SMP prices and a stronger Australian dollar.

Oz free trade gains limited in Korea

AUSTRALIAN dairy exporters have experienced a big change in the market landscape, with three significant free trade agreements in the past two years.

Uncertainty weighs on export index

THE Australian dairy export index retreated slightly as commodity spot quotes were steady and the Australian dollar climbed once again.


Dryland chicory extends green feed supply

A FLATTER pattern of forage production and improved management of key insect and weed pests are two of the benefits arising from chicory pastures for one Fleurieu Peninsula dairy farm.

High-chop corn high milk production link

HIGH-CHOP corn is emerging as a prime choice to improve milk production with new research showing it’s possible to make better corn silage by chopping it higher.

Lion delivers beer bonus

AUSTRALIA’S beer drinkers are giving Queensland farmers, Duncan, Ross and Morris McInnes a new source of feed that’s led to a welcome unseasonal production boost.

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Milking it - Farmers paying attention

FARMERS who may have been watching the Channel Ten show ‘Have You Been Paying Attention?’ recently may have done a double take when they saw an image of what host Tom Gliesner described as a ‘grumpy dairy farmer’. 

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